Tioga Sequoia Brewing Co. is one of the most recognizable companies in the Central Valley today. Their craft beers have become an irresistible staple–whether you are a valley-native or visitor. When the team at Tioga Sequoia approached us for a project that would solely focus around enjoying their beers in the summertime, and the different people who enjoy them, we immediately jumped on-board!


Armed with the hashtags #99DaysOfSummer, #99DOS, and #StayGolden we spent the next three months highlighting different figures in the Central Valley on a weekly basis. We interviewed the chosen features to learn more about their favorite summer activities; what summer made them think of; how Tioga Sequoia has made an impact on their lives, and most importantly, why they love the Central Valley. Our job was to capture the essence of “what summer meant” to the them.


During the three-month campaign our team was in charge of posting and writing copy for the weekly features directly onto Tioga-Sequoia’s Facebook and Instagram pages. The weekly content consisted of a :30 to :60 video highlighting summer visuals of the Central Valley, along with the voice-over of that week’s feature. Also, in order to spotlight our features we took in-studio portraits of them to accompany the campaign. At the end of the campaign we succesfuly garnered over 28, 645 views, 2, 672 likes, and 212 comments.


At the end of the campaign we successfully garnered over 28, 645 views, 2, 672 likes, and 212 comments.



When choosing the people to highlight, Tioga Sequoia Brewing Co. and our team worked together to compose a list of the most diverse faces in the Central Valley. The people highlighted were both a mix of Central Valley native’s, and those that have moved here from other places. From those who were profiled, you might recognize DJ Mr. Leonard, one of the most well-known faces in the Central Valley, known for his impeccable taste in music. Perhaps you saw Irv Hernandez, owner of Rebel Lion Gear. Maybe you saw yourselves in the stories that were posted, and realized how similar everyone is to one another, despite living different lifestyles.

“Moving to the #Valley made me centrally located to everything. For me, that’s a connection with summer and my family when I was a kid. Now it’s about taking my own children out to the woods, to the lake, to the rivers, and to hike. That's another huge memory for me now.” - Irv Hernandez - Owner of Rebel Lion Gear 


“It’s really simple, if you are interested in having a real human experience. It's about connecting with like-minded people, celebrating art, music, and culture, I don’t care what the environment is, or element is, seeing as though that would be something you would aspire to be a part of, be involved in, and witness.” - DJ Mr. Leonard

We felt proud to be a part of such a great project this summer. Thanks to Tioga Sequoia Brewing Co., we could #StayGolden all summer long.

Reyna CazaresComment