There is an art in being a creative. The art of wanting to create pieces that will invoke feelings in people. Sometime you doubt your work will be received as intended, and sometimes the results are more than you ever imagined. There is level of fear in not knowing the public’s perceptions until everything is out on the table. At last week’s Downtown Fresno Art Hop we were happily surprised by the latter.  The reward isn’t always the objective, but rather the journey you let your work take you on.

Meza Films Owner/Director, Enrique Meza, created his version of the popular Mexican bingo-like game “La Loteria” which you can read more about below. The event installation took place at Jeffrey Scott Agency at 1544 Fulton Street. 


Enrique displayed the 24 x 36 photographs on the walls in a manner that the composition would resemble giant playing cards, like the actual game. Attendees had the opportunity to take #selfies of themselves and friends in front of 4 walls that contained all 54 images. 



The night consisted of the #LoteriaSeries, hot chocolate, pan dulce, drinks and fantastic music by musician Omar Naré and DJ Roeski.     


As video production + content strategists we look for that piece that will tell the story when working with clients. As creatives we are compelled with telling stories; we felt this #LoteriaSeries shared a little bit of the Enrique Meza, Meza Films, and our team story. Thank you for sharing  the night with us.


About The Installation Lotería is a traditional Mexican bingo game with each square represented not only by a number, but more importantly by a striking illustration: some silly, some risqué and others a bit controversial. El Corazón!...La Sirena!...El Sapo!...

Growing up in a Mexican household meant playing Lotería during family gatherings and especially during the holidays. The transportation of time is what this series is about, reconnecting to those childhood memories and reimagining them in a modern way.

Enrique Meza of Meza Films runs a modern digital visual strategy, media planning and production company built for the now and located in the heart of Downtown Fresno. This is a sample of the type of work Enrique loves to create: visually striking and immediately relatable. The use of hands in the images stems from his love for connection, and the love for something tangible: touch, desire, want. It's what being human is about.

About The Artist  Enrique Meza was born and raised in California’s Central Valley. He is a proud son of immigrant labor workers. Connection is a recurrent theme in his creative work and deriving human emotions is what challenges him. His goal is leaving his audience with a sense of connection and adoration for its subject while maintaining the human element. His craft has granted him the opportunity to travel all over the world, in turn inspiring him to convey that message through his work. In this series Enrique expresses his heritage with an inspired take on the traditional Mexican bingo game Lotería.


Entire Loteria Series (54 Images)

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