Downtown Fresno Soars

Since our beginnings in 2010, Meza Films has chosen to work in the place that inspires us most: Downtown Fresno. From the cultural diversity to unique architecture, there's something that continuously gives us a sense of hope and progress. So when we were approached by the Downtown Fresno Partnership last year to create a video that could drive serious change, we were more than happy to say yes.

With over 19k views and 250+ shares on Facebook, we knew the video had been felt by the community. And if just one person decided to check out the local businesses in the area, then the production was worth the effort. But then, the video got noticed from a completely different audience. One who knows what they're talking about when it comes to promoting a healthy downtown- The International Downtown Association (IDA.)

When the Downtown Fresno Partnership entered the IDA's Downtown Achievement Awards, they took home not just one, but three awards, winning alongside major metropolitan areas such as Downtown New York City, Atlanta, Seattle, San Antonio and Los Angeles. We'd say they definitely put our downtown on the map with the triple win.

After the video aired, the Downtown Fresno Partnership received over 20 calls drawing interest from businesses and investors in larger areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento. Five businesses were confirmed from those leads bringing at least 40 jobs to the downtown area.

We are extremely grateful to be recognized by the IDA for the Downtown Flyover video we produced, and look forward to all of the positive change that can be evoked through art, imagination, and an overarching view of what is yet to come. Thank you to the Downtown Fresno Partnership for supporting our favorite part of town and giving us the opportunity to help create clear-cut progress.