Office Life - Bitwise Mural District

My relocation to the Bitwise mural district is nearing the one year mark, I've made new friends and I feel like I have been invited to peek at something truly exciting. From the outside the Bitwise building is labeled as a technology hub, buts its much more than that, its where ideas come to life. When Jake and Matt approached me to move in I felt a little apprehensive moving into a place where I felt as though I might not fit in. But as the days turned to weeks and now the weeks have turned into a year I keep telling myself that this is exactly where I belong. The projects I've been involved in have truly been amazing works of art. As a self proclaimed artist I try to find art and beauty in all things around me and without a doubt the ideas and innovations that the people of Bitwise create are truly inspiring. Technology is the new art. Here are the artist at work.