Orange & Cranberry Scones with Pinch My Salt

With all the hustling and bustling around Christmas, there’s something cathartic about stoping to take the time to cook a meal or a holiday dish for loved ones. This is the time of year to really be present in the moment; present with friends and family, and present with the wonder of the season.

Nicole Cross, of Pinch My Salt, welcomed me and Alisa to her home this past week while she made the perfect treat for Christmas morning: orange and cranberry scones. Just watching her make her Scones is actually pretty relaxing in itself!

I appreciate Nicole’s nonchalant approach to cooking; she keeps attention to detail without a lot of fuss. If something isn’t perfect, it’s okay. She often prefers using her hands over gadgets, and simplifies the process wherever she can. Why make it harder than it needs to be, right?

Watch Nicole make these effortless scones and get the recipe here. Special thanks to her awesome husband Phil for taking some behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot and making delicious coffee.