John Esquivel - Religious Appeal

At age 13 and unbeknownst to his parents John snuck off to his first punk show at a small place called the CBA. That show would go on to shape his views forever, He learned that no one had to fit a certain mold to create change. It's was ultimately up to you as in individual to form your ideas and be your own boss.

Fast forward a few years later and now John is booking his own shows under the name Religious Appeal. He never imagined that it would grow into something bigger with regular events held at the CYC and the last large event The Catacomb Party. He feels as though he didn't start anything important but merely helped create a platform that brings attention to the culture and youthful spirit that is created around him and his team of collaborators. 

In the end John hopes that Religious Appeal events inspire people the way it inspired him during his first punk show. 

Enrique MezaComment