Office Life - Bitwise Mural District

My relocation to the Bitwise mural district is nearing the one year mark, I've made new friends and I feel like I have been invited to peek at something truly exciting. From the outside the Bitwise building is labeled as a technology hub, buts its much more than that, its where ideas come to life. When Jake and Matt approached me to move in I felt a little apprehensive moving into a place where I felt as though I might not fit in. But as the days turned to weeks and now the weeks have turned into a year I keep telling myself that this is exactly where I belong. The projects I've been involved in have truly been amazing works of art. As a self proclaimed artist I try to find art and beauty in all things around me and without a doubt the ideas and innovations that the people of Bitwise create are truly inspiring. Technology is the new art. Here are the artist at work.

Matt Ploy - Custom Drywall Service

Since 1976, the Ploy family has been providing the Fresno/Clovis area with high quality drywall service. Matt began running the business in 2008 from his father Dan. As I got to know Matt through this series I really understood his passion for the craft. The way he and his crew treated the work was mesmerizing and artful to watch. Thanks Matt for letting me see true craftsmen at work. Follow Matt on Twitter and Instagram

Kendall & Megan - A Wolf Lakes Wedding

The love between Kendall & Megan was evident the moment I saw them lock eyes during the wedding ceremony. The speech Kendalls mother gave was touching and heartfelt it encompassed the day,  the moment and her hope for the newly weds. Congrats Kendall & Megan thank you for letting me capture your day. 


Aaron & Chelsea - Wedding At The Grove

A beautiful setting a warm autumn day and a truly great couple. Aaron and Chelsea had a beautiful fall wedding at the Grove and they let me be a part of their day. From the fresh cut flowers to the hand made arrangements and the bacon cupcakes! Yes bacon cupcakes! It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. I wish them all the best in they future together. Congratulations to you both! 


Dayka & Hackett - Worldwide Produce Source

The video below was project that is close to me on various levels. I grew up in Orange Cove, a small town southeast of Fresno, CA. Both my parents were immigrants from Mexico whom worked heavily in the farm and agricultural industry in Central California. I couldn't help but wrapped up in the story of our central valley fruit. People tend to forget how laborious field work is and how much effort goes into bringing you fresh fruit and produce to your home. I hope this video shows a bit of that and also conveys the passion that Dayka & Hackett have in bringing that to you. This was a shorter cut of a longer piece that helps tell the companies story in 90 seconds. Take a look. 


Faithful & True - Tattoo Parlor

Everett Verdialez is the owner and artist at Faithful & True Tattoo. My office was located next door to his for over a year and although I don't have any tattoos myself the process has always intrigued me. Below is a series of photos that captures the process. On a side note his wife is expecting their first child, Congrats! And remember kids don't drake and drive! (Drake was a topic of much discussion during this tattoo session lol ) 

Miss Lopez & The Wandering Few

I met Valeri Lopez close to 6 years ago at a house concert in Reedley, CA. She's an awesome singer with a beautiful voice. Recently we had a chance to get together again to work on a music video for her song Sky Light Blue. Although the video won't be done for a few more weeks here are a couple still images taken that day. 

Chance & Anna Ballew - Springville Wedding at River Ridge Ranch

Chance and Anna's love is apparent in everything they do. There wedding was held at River Ridge Ranch a beautiful location nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. From personalized wedding vows to hand made bouquets a sparkler send off and the best garter toss ever (The garter belt was wrapped around a football then tossed to the crowd). It was a beautiful and memorable event. Congratulations you two!

Ballew Highlight Film 03.jpg
Ballew Highlight Film 00.jpg

Valley Fruit Series

This week I started working on a video project for a local fruit exporter/importer in Reedley, CA. I started this project thinking I was going to shoot solely video, but during the first day of filming I found myself reaching for my still camera and capturing some great images of the hard work that goes into the fruit business in the central valley. These are the people who bring the fruit to your table. Take a look. Click to enlarge.  (For the pixel peepers out there, these were taken with the Fuji X-Pro1 & available light)

PublishMe - Launch video for iPad App

I went in slightly new direction for the promotional video for PublishMe in it we used a combination of narration, talent to viewer interaction and graphical elements. The video was used to both introduce the iPad app as well as give viewers use case scenarios. Take a look and let me know what you think. 


Summer Look Book with Lighting Diagrams - Ooh La La Clothing Boutique with

Here's a recent shoot I did for Ohh La La Clothing Boutique. I want to do something a little different with this post. All of these images were taken with a 5D3, 50mm 1.2, the sun and a 42" gold/silver zebra 5 in 1 reflector.  Below are some of my favorite images from the set with lighting diagrams.


For this shot instead of a bounce I used the scrim feature of the 5in1 reflector  

This last image was with just the sun no scrim or reflector. It was about 5 min until sundown and the sun wasn't as harsh as it was earlier. 

Rebekah Eropkin - American Dream

Rebekah's interest in immigration law stems from her family's history: Her grandparents immigrated to the United States from Russia and as a child she grew up understanding the importance of the American dream. Helping and guiding families to realize their dream to live and work in the United States is the part of her job she loves. So often we hear that the American dream is dead, but Rebekah see's hope in her clients' eyes for a better future every day.

Rebekah also see the effects of our broken immigration system. Families are often torn apart and people are treated like criminals when their only offense is an illegal entry. She's hopeful that immigration reform will help ease the pain and struggle most immigrants experience in trying to gain lawful status and for that Rebekah is truly an American.

Kiel Thomas Schmidt - Outreach. Community. Architecture.

As a board member of Creative Fresno and the organizer of Pecha Kucha Kiel's passion is for community and the human aspect of architecture. From an education at UC Berkeley and experience with Public Architecture, Design Corps and independent development work he has developed strong skills in community outreach and participatory design. He is emerging as a community leader focusing on the issues of the Creative Cities Movement, homelessness, access to healthy food, and promoting quality design for the San Joaquin Valley’s health and economic vitality.

Ivan Paz - Mystery Check

Ivan was born in Los Angeles from immigrant parents his mother from El Salvador and Father from Mexico. At a young age Ivan's father was deported. His mother was forced to move into an apartment complex and had to obtain two jobs in order to make ends meet. By the age of 12, Ivan began a new journey on the streets, getting in trouble and being arrested. He was absorbed into gang life at 15 and was thrust into a lifestyle of continual gang violence. 

At age 18 Ivan was arrested and sentenced to 8 years in prison for gang violence. During his time in prison something began calling to him and wasn't quite sure what it was, but he felt he had to educate himself. Though dropping out of school at age 12 he now began to educate himself in the prison starting from an elementary level education to a college level during the course of his 5 year stay in prison. Upon being released he began attending community college but with lack of money and finding it difficult to find a job due to his criminal history he became discouraged and desperate. In order to attend school and pay bills he was contemplating returning to a life of crime. As amazing as this sounds he was blessed with a mysterious gift. To this day Ivan does not know where this mystery gift came from but it was a check made out to the college to pay for his education. This mystery check arrived 2 more times throughout his college career and Ivan graduated from Fresno Pacific University. Ivan now works for Fresno Institute For Urban Leadership ( and runs a program called The Pink House. This is a program that brings college people from different walks of life to live together in one of the poorest areas of Fresno to become quality urban leaders by engaging transformation in the innercity context.

Brittany Wilbur - Woman of The Year

Brittany Wilbur is the founder of Sweet Nectar Society, an organization that provides photo sessions to children who have serious illness, disabilities and or are recovering from injury and provides lasting memories for their families. The child's story is then posted with an image slideshow to raise awareness of their condition. Through her efforts raising awareness for Sweet Nectar Society SWEETIES Brittany connected with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and formed a working relationship between the two organizations. To help support Brittany visit her Woman of The Year Page and donate!